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Winter storm Octavia!

WOW! Springfield TN got hit hard with a winter storm on February 16th. It started out as ice - we probably got at least an inch. Then, it snowed and sleeted throughout the day. Last I check we had 3 inches of show. :O It hasn't snowed like this in a long time. It's at least been 20 years, so it's exciting to see a lot of snow! We're expecting more snow tonight. - could get another inch! Temps are going to be below freezing 'til the weekend, so this ice isn't going anywhere. I gotta say though, everything looks so peaceful covered in snow.. but the roads here, however, aren't so peaceful. They are pretty dangerous. In fact, we're under a state of emergency. City officials have urged residents to stay home unless it's an emergency. So, that's exactly what we've been doing.. staying put until further notice. Cabin fever is slowly starting to kick in and this is only the 2nd snow day... you can only play so many video games and work on other stuff before it gets old. ;) Either way, I'm enjoying the extra quality time with the hubs and rest from work. :) *The image above I took last March when we had a small ice storm. I haven't bothered taking my camera out in the cold this time.*

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